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Experience Immediate Relief from Neuropathy with

Our natural pain relief spray is made with a blend of essential oils that provides targeted relief for neuropathy pain. iPainFree is a cost-effective option for pain relief.
Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.
iPain Free Helps Neuropathy

Tired of Neuropathy Pain Holding You Back?

Living an active life becomes a constant struggle when chronic neuropathy pain gets in the way. This is a common hurdle faced by millions every day.

Difficulty in enjoying everyday activities due to pain
The constant frustration of ineffective remedies
The concern about ingesting too many medications

You're not alone, and you don't have to live with the discomfort.

Introducing iPain Free, effective pain relief that provides targeted relief for neuropathy pain. Our unique blend of natural ingredients, scientifically formulated for maximum effectiveness, provides:

Fast, targeted relief for neuropathy pain
A non-invasive, easy-to-apply remedy
Cost-effective option for pain relief.
iPain Free Helps Neuropathy

Unleash the Power of Nature with iPainFree

Neuropathy pain can be relentless. But what if you could fight it with the combined power of nature's most potent pain-relieving ingredients? That's exactly what iPain Free offers - a synergistic blend of natural ingredients that work in harmony to provide fast, effective relief.

Eucalyptus Oil

Penetrates deep, increases circulation, relaxes muscles, and eases neuropathy pain.

Jojoba Oil

Known as the rejuvenator, aids in repairing damaged skin and reducing inflammation.

Grape seed Oil

Main carrier oil, transports other oils deep into tissues, enhancing their effects.

Aloe Vera Oil

Powerful antiseptic agent, eliminates infection, and provides immediate pain relief.

No Mess Easy Application

The spray formula is simple to apply, mess-free, and reaches any sore body areas without dripping or waste.

Fast Acting

With the help of this quick-acting pain relief spray, you can get pain relief in just 10 seconds.
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But it's not just what's inside iPainFree that counts

It's also how easy it is to use. Simply apply it to the affected area, and let nature do the rest. Experience the cooling sensation as iPainFree gets to work, targeting your pain right at its source. Pain typically subsides in 10 seconds!

Apply to Affected Area

Apply 2-3 sprays to affected areas and massage gently, Apply 2-3 times a day or as needed.

Wait 10 Seconds

Allow the oil to absorb naturally. Wait for 10 seconds and start to feel the pain subside.

Get Back to Life

Get relief from constant discomfort and live life on your own terms doing the things you love.

The Story of iPainFree

Hi there, I'm Del,

Out of the many battles I've faced as a veteran, the toughest one began right here at home. My incredible wife, Diana, has been wrestling with Plantar Fasciitis for several years while I've battled a multitude of health issues, including Neuropathy, Cervical Stenosis, Lumbar Sciatica, and knee pain, just to name a few. It got so bad I had to start using a wheelchair!

As my health started to spiral, I didn't want to rely on harsh medications. I searched everywhere for something made with natural ingredients, but eventually came up short. That's when I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and create one myself.
After countless trials and a lot of perseverance, I found the answer - a natural recipe that worked wonders! This was the birth of "iPainFree." The relief it brought was so profound, I just couldn't keep it to myself. This was more than just a victory for Diana and me; it was a potential lifeline for all those out there battling chronic pain.

It was then that Diana and I realized our mission. We've dedicated ourselves to bringing "iPain Free," our all-natural product, to everybody who suffers as we did. It's not just another coping mechanism to help dull the pain; iPain Free is about offering hope and a real pathway to a better quality of life. Our journey started with us, but it's expanded into a much larger story about aiding all those in pain. We welcome you to try iPain Free for yourselves and begin your own journey towards better health. Join the many others with your story of overcoming chronic pain.
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Endorsed by Medical Experts

Dr. Peters, a medical professional specializing in chiropractic care and athletic health, is a strong advocate for iPainFree. His years of experience have led him to support effective, non-invasive, and natural pain relief methods.
Dr. Peters endorses iPainFree because he has seen firsthand the benefits of the product. He uses iPainFree in his office as a lubricating substance when he is performing IASTM treatments or cupping. He also uses iPainFree with his patients and family members, and he has seen that it can provide quick relief from pain. Dr. Peters believes that iPainFree is a safe and effective product that can help people get back to their activities quickly.

See what our customers say about our pain relief spray

Watch some of our Many satisfied customer testimonials talk about how iPainFree pain relief spray helped them get pain relief from Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Shingles, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Fibromyalgia, and more.
Yessenia Tejada
Yessenia Tejada
Love this stuff! It’s the only thing that has actually help ease the pain of my arthritis
It's been 3 years since I met this product because of a pain in the foot from a spur and a friend gave it to me to put it on and relieved my pain. And since then any ailment this product helps me. I carry it in my bag, I have it in my work and I have even recommended it to Mexico with my relatives and they have been surprised at how effective it is. My mom also brings it in her bag for anything she puts it on. 100% recommended!!
This is an amazing product, rub it in, and give a little time. Works great.
mary Diaz
mary Diaz
I have been suffering from arthritis, sciatica, And knee pain. For nine months I was suffering and posting how bad I was feeling on Facebook. My cousin reached out to me and told me how amazing Ipain been working for her and her husband. At this point, I tried everything else what’s one more. So she made a visit to San Antonio (where I live) from corpus and gave this tiny blue bottle. I’m looking at it and thinking…..is this really going to work??? So I gave it a chance and I was blown away how it worked. I threw away, the bangay,icy hot,bio freeze, and two old goats. Now I’m able to sleep at night pain free and same at work pain free. I bought a bottle for my patients and they also were blown away, so they ordered the 6pk+free bottle. They are loving it. Now I been preaching.ur miracle bottle to my co workers and customers, printing out ur web site and how to order. See I work at Home Depot and I hear how painful they are on the work they do. 75% of the customers and co workers I talked to, have ordered and glad they’re PAIN FREE😀😀. Thank you I keep promoting ur miracle bottle to anyone that wants to to be PAIN FREE…
Loraine Balay
Loraine Balay
I will say this I’ve only had it a couple of days and it has pretty well made my pain go away, but my only problem is I can’t reach my feet so I have to spray from a distance and then I have to find a way to rub it in, I wish somebody could come up with a better method for people who cannot reach their feet and I will say I have slept better the last couple nights because my feet have not hurt as much as I normally game or keep trying to figure out ways for people who can’t reach their feet to put it on will re-purchase
Kimberly Reimers
Kimberly Reimers
Found this product at Boerne car show today. Husband and I got our free sample. We were BLOWN away!!! It really did work in 10 seconds as advertised! We are seniors and have extreme pain all over. This was an AMAZING experience!! Bought 4 bottles on the spot, even got a free travel size bottle too! Will continue to buy this fantastic product! Give it a try and see how much better you can feel! We are so happy to be virtually pain-free! Thank you, Mr &Mrs Reimers.
Mona Aguilar
Mona Aguilar
Had spray applied to my foot for plantar. Within seconds had relief from an 8 to a 2. Bought several bottles and went around the corner sat down and cried because the pain was gone. This is amazing. Saved me from pain in my foot and having to get painful shots. Bless you and your wonderful product.
Recommend 10/10 must have for pain. I bought this at the 'Heart of Texas Rodeo and Fair' for my mother and she loves it. Man working there did a sample for my mother for free on her foot and she says it worked. My mother has really bad right foot pain and that is always swelling to where she can't bend her foot at the ankle. 5min after using this she had almost all full range of motion. After 10min and her walk around more my mother was in tears from how the pain was just gone now. I decided to get 2 of the big bottles for her and will surely be ordering more whenever we run out. AGAIN Recommend 10/10 must have. Also, as a side note it works for asthma. Breathed this stuff in for few minutes and could just feel my lungs open up. Breathing became sooo much easier.
Allen Banda
Allen Banda
I reviewed this product over a year ago and I'm not quite sure why my original review is no longer available but regardless THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING, IT'S A MIRACLE IN DISGUISE. IF YOU HAVE PAIN PLEASE GET THIS AND BE PAIN FREE IN SECONDS. Update 2 years later and still using IPain free on my back (severely herniated disc) and whenever I have any pain or soreness and it still works AMAZING. I have now helped two family members and four friends with pain relief. This morning I had a friend of mine call me (along with his wife) who were amazed by this product. I told him I swear by this product, I know these reviews may sound bought but this product is the absolute TRUTH! I will always promote no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing this is truly amazing!
Leticia Vera
Leticia Vera
My grandson loves Ipain. Everytime he has a mosquito bite or ant bite, he looks for Grandma's blue medicine. He knows it will take away the itching.
iPainFree pain relief spray

Risk-Free Relief: Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Shop with confidence knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority. At iPainFree, we believe in our product's effectiveness so much that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. That's right - if you're not completely satisfied with the results after using iPainFree, we'll refund your purchase in full. This ensures you can try iPainFree risk-free and experience the benefits yourself. It's our commitment to helping you live a pain-free life!

Exclusive Limited Time Offer: Act Now for Amazing Savings!


Exclusive Limited Time Offer: Act Now for Amazing Savings on iPainFree!

Because we understand how debilitating neuropathy pain can be, we want to make iPain Free as accessible as possible. For a limited time, we are offering an exclusive discount. Not only will you receive our potent, natural pain reliever, but you will also enjoy significant savings.

But that's not all! To thank you for your trust in us, we're including a special gift with your first purchase. It's our way of showing our commitment to your journey towards a pain-free life.

Experience the power of Nature

Experience powerful relief without the worry of harsh medications.

Risk Free

Shop with confidence with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

Get Relief Now

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